Plantabis Discount Groupings & Weekly Deals!

Hello Plantabis Community!!!

We here at Plantabis are pleased to announce the following Discount Groupings and Weekly Deals. Please bring all necessary documents if you wish to enroll in one of our Discount Groups. Required documents can all be found in the description below. We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!


    • Wisdom – Customers who are 65 + will receive 10% off their order with valid DOB proof at purchase. 
    • New Customer – New Customers receive 20% off their first order once they successfully make a profile, this discount is not eligible for anonymous guests as there would be no way to track if the customer is eligible or not. 
    • Heroes – This discount encompasses those who work a job that benefits their local community greatly and would include the following- Veterans, nurses, and first responders. The Heroes Discount would equal 10 % off their order with valid proof of their Hero status. 
    • Educator – All Educators from Preschool level – Graduate School level will be eligible for 10% off their order with proof of employment as an educator through school ID or Employee ID badge. 
    • Birthday – Customers will receive 20 % off their order on their birthday. (Valid DOB proof is required to receive this discount)  
    • Rahway Resident – Customers who provide proof of permanent residency in Rahway gain a 10% discount as a sign of appreciation for our great local community!
    • Industry – All cannabis industry employees who present a valid NJ CRC badge will receive 15% off every order.
    • MERCK – All MERCK employees who provide proof of their employment with a badge are eligible for 10% off their orders.
    • Amazon – All Amazon employees who provide proof of their employment with a badge are eligible for 10% off their orders.



  • Happy Monday – 10% OFF Flower (whole buds & small buds)
  • Terpy Tuesday – 10% OFF Vapes & Concentrates
  • Loyal Wednesday – All Plantabud Loyalty members accrue double Plantabud points for their orders.
  • Throwback Thursday – 10% OFF Old School & Classic Strains (will vary based on items we have in stock)
  • Feel Good Friday – 10% OFF Edibles
  • Sunday Funday – 10% OFF Pre-Rolls



Please note all discounts and offers are ineligible to be stacked with another.

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